A Thank You!


The Kincaid Mounds Support Organization (KMSO) would like to thank the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency for giving us the opportunity to work together for the conservation and preservation of the Kincaid Mounds. KMSO could not have accomplished the transformation of the mounds without the guidance and grant funding of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency. 

We would also express our appreciation to the Golconda Job Corp Forestry Program and the Illinois Department of Corrections Dixon Springs Impact Incarceration Center for proving labor to help clear the mounds of growth and debris. 

KMSO could not have accomplished our educational and tourism objectives without the support of the Southernmost Illinois Tourism Bureau and the Ohio River Scenic Byway. Grants from the Ohio River Scenic Byway and the Illinois Tourism Agency allowed us to build an interpretive platform at the mounds. KMSO would also like to thank Walker Engineering, Barnhill Construction, Massac County Commissioners, and the Massac County Highway Department for their contributions and support of the project. 

KMSO would like to acknowledge Dr. Brian Butler, Director and Senior Scientist of the Southern Illinois University – Carbondale, Center for Archaeological Investigation, and Dr. Paul Welch, SIU-C Anthropology Department for their support and exchange of information of the archaeological research at the mounds.

The KMSO appreciates the donations to support our preservation work from the Illinois Association for Advancement of Archaeological and from private donations.

KMSO would like to thank Mr. Herb Roe, of ChromeSun Productions (herbroe@chromesun.com) for allowing us to use his oil painting as a rendition of what the mounds would have looked like during the Mississippian period.

KMSO would like to thank Tony Okerson of Backwoods Computers for his development of the website and Joshua Duncan for continued management of the KMSO website.

KMSO would like to thank the Metropolis Tourism Commission and the City of Metropolis for granting KMSO a tourism grant to help fund the Kincaid Field Conference.

KMSO would like to express our appreciation for the support of the local communities of Unionville, Hamletsburg, Brookport, and Metropolis.

In addition, we would be amiss if we failed to recognize two of our founding members who contributed to the development of the organization, the late George May and Mary Leonard.